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From the Green Hills
Debbie Hill is a freelance photographer in Israel. Originally from the green hills of West Virginia, Debbie has spent much of the past 14 years surrounded by the brown, desert hills of Jerusalem, exploring and documenting the convergence of cultures and religions that make Israel a fascinating and challenging place to live.

Debbie has spent long periods of time in Israel since 1983. In 1995, she decided to make aliyah and make Jerusalem her home. In her many years of photographing, Debbie has produced a significant body of work that poignantly and intimately reflects the soul of this ancient nation and young state.Her work focuses on the human element in this region where the most routine events and interactions reveal deep-rooted identities, passions and beliefs.

Unique Ablity to Connect with People
Debbie's portfolio reflects a unique ability to connect with people and to sensitively provide a glimpse into their lives without objectifying them - to portray the beauty, intensity and dignity of people from many different religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Her work reveals a great deal - the nuances of life in historic places like the Old City of Jerusalem, the complex interpersonal dynamics behind the headlines which are overlooked by the mass media, and many other insights into this multilayered and diverse society.

Featured by Numerous Magazines
Debbie finished her Masters Degree in Communication Arts before pursuing other studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her photographs have been featured by numerous publications, including the Jerusalem Post, the Jerusalem Report, Moment Magazine, and the Baltimore Jewish Times. She has exhibited her work in museums, synagogues, and churches in Israel and the United States. In addition to photographing, Debbie also travels and lectures to groups, relating her experiences and perspectives of cultural and religious issues in Israel.

Debbie's portfolio includes work on:

  • Jerusalem with its unique people, sites, religious events and ceremonies.
  • People, including a wide range of ethnic/religious groups in their daily activities in Israel.
  • Sites, including the cities, desert, historic and religious sites in Israel.
  • Political events in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.
  • Holidays observed by Jews, Moslems, and Christians, both religious and national.
  • New images of the many faces of Israel are revealed through her lens on a daily basis....

Debbie Hill
P.O. Box 28152
Jerusalem 9128101
Telephone: +972-54-797-6699